Saturday, 13 October 2018

Hi there!

I've had this blog for years but it's always seemed too much of a chore to really bother with. To be honest though I was thinking the same thing today about the Airfix 'Lancaster bomber' kit that's sat on top of the wardrobe for the past five or so years, together with about 15 pots of modelling paint, glues, masking tape, scalpels and other stuff, all more than likely never to get used and to reach their full potential.

Don't get me wrong, I love doing models and I love writing, but these days there are just too many demands on whatever time is available and so some things tend to get sidelined. Hopefully moving forward this blog won't, but let's see about that Lancaster; maybe one day...

I'd like to concentrate in this blog on a few of my passions in life; triathlon, cycling and rock climbing history. I'll try to keep an even balance, but I suspect at certain times it might get a bit skewed in favour of one subject in particular, triathlon, or more specifically Ironman.

I completed my first full distance Ironman event earlier this year, in Bolton. Yes - Bolton! The town where I had my first ever job (in fact the finishing line was directly outside my old offices, the town hall!) and used to travel through almost every day in transit to the local gritstone quarries where I did so much rock climbing in my youth.

Soloing Betty's Wall (HardVS 5a) around 1982. Photo by Mark Griffiths

Over the past couple of years I've got more and more into cycling. Initially to support the triathlons, but as time has gone on, it's become more and more important to me and I love the process of training and then reaping the rewards once out on the road. If you choose to revisit this blog regularly you'll no doubt spot this as a recurring theme!

Cycling-wise there is quite a healthy group of old climbing buddies who regularly get out, meet up and have some fantastic ride. My time with these guys (the 'Grumpy Old Climber's Bike Club' on Facebook) is at a premium, and I'd love to do it more, but when you're growing up there are lots of other pulls on your time. Hopefully though there will be more over the coming years, and not only that but we should get better at recording them as well. This short video is from a ride put together by John Hartley which was originally called 'Six of the Best' but as only John completed it by doing all 6 of the hills it entailed, I took the liberty of renaming the video.

Anyway, enough of this free-form waffling. In the future I'll try to focus a bit more. I'm just about to start training for the Coles Bay Half (half Iron distance) race in Tasmania at the end of February so expect some training updates. I'm also planning a couple of long distance bike rides and other stuff so there should be plenty to write about.

Stay tuned. It might just be interesting.


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