Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Let's try Watopia

Today's plan?

Swim and run. That's what Fink says for a Tuesday.

Well, that's not what happened, and at about 3.30 I finally got to jump on my training bike for a spin around Watopia. Something I'd never really done apart from the odd snatched moment.

I decided to dedicate an hour - yes, a whole hour! - to it and to see how things went. 

I don't know you you've used Zwift, but periodically it allows you to choose a change of route, a turning or whatever. My plan today was to just ride the defaults. Well, that's how it started, until the question popped up with the option to turn left (not the default) towards something called 'Epic KOM'.

It's be rude not to try it I thought; might be the only chance I ever get. So that's what I did. Battled out the final couple of kilometres with the screen showing the times of people just ahead, in a blatant effort for you to virtually chase down their times. I missed a few for sure, but I was happy to complete the challenge and get to the top, and to be able to almost coast back down to head back to the beginning. Well, not quite because my hour was up.

Still, 24k of cycling and 476m of virtual climbing wasn't too bad. I can't say it was great fun, and it's not something to make a habit of, but it passed an hour and allowed me to de-stress.

Not the same as riding a bike outside though, that's for sure.

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